Member Benefits

There are many benefits of being a part of your Community Arts Council including:

  • Networking opportunities with other culturally-oriented individuals and groups
  • A supportive resource for community-based artistic undertakings
  • A united voice to express the needs and goals of the cultural sector of Prince George and District
  • Joint participation in shows and displays throughout the community
  • Free workshops on a range of arts-related business topics
  • Opportunities to apply for grants for collaborative arts projects
  • Reduced rates for room rentals at Studio 2880
  • Reduced rates on service charges for ticket sales on events
  • ArtsNotes newsletter subscription and free editorial and advertising
  • Enhanced media exposure for events and activities
  • Artisan works can be juried and made available for sale within the Studio 2880 Gift Shop

Four types of membership are available through the Community Arts Council of Prince George on an annual basis:

You may apply for membership and pay online using one of the forms below, or you can contact us or stop by the Artisan Shop to complete an application form and pay in person.